Friday, August 2, 2013

If you could only hear 5 more songs what would they be and why?

This topic was brought to us this week by shackman, the true master of songs!  Would that I were the same …


shackman, I love you, I consider you part of my inner circle in so many ways.  So, it pains me to see your challenge and know that I am totally inadequate to the task!  I wrestled with this over the past couple of days, literally.  Every time I came up with a few candidates, it evolved almost immediately into a new set.  And the set wasn’t always five.

However, here goes:

  1. Ave Maria, the version that was used in Fantasia.  And, I’d like to have the video along with it.  It just moves my inner feelings in a good way and since it is one of my last five, I’m assuming I’m on the way out.  I’d like to go with the feeling it engenders in me.
  2. Thus Spake Zarathustra, 2001 Space Odyssey version.  I’m on the way out and this might inspire me to evolve in a good way, LOL.
  3. I Did it My Way by Frank Sinatra.  I do not like Sinatra the man, but I like this song as my last salute to the life and ego I leave behind.
  4. I Fall to Pieces by Patsy Cline.  I have always liked music by Patsy Cline and besides … one way or another I’m getting ready to fall to pieces!
  5. How Great Thou Art or Amazing Grace.  I don’t know which.  There is a part of me that welcomes my soul’s reconnection with the All and these songs evoke that in me.  I am sure there are some atheists out there thinking me a fool, but so be it.

Ask me again in ten minutes and it will be totally different.  I am worthless at this!

Hey, wait, don’t take me yet.  I forgot to include any Rock and Roll or Blues.  Can I see the menu again?  Maybe a little Billie Holiday or side of …


  1. I am glad I was not the only one to change my mind before hitting publish! I had forgotten Patsy Cline's rendition of I fall to pieces. It was a regular on the turntable here when Jack was dancing about with a duster and whistling along with her.

    "How Great Thou Art" well sung, has the power to make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end!

  2. I trust yopu'll read my comment about the list constantly changing - LOL - part of the evil plan. You hear something you haven't heard in a while and boom - it makes a list. What's fun is seeing if the songs we choose make sense in the "who are we" notions we have about ourselves and others. My list does have at least 2 constants - maybe 3. No surprises on your list - it suits the you I see as you quite well.

  3. Like you, Old Foss, I too am useless. The moment someone wants to nail me to five or fifty five I come down with a serious case of decision paralysis.

    "Ave Maria" a terrific choice. Love it. Claws itself into your heart.

    I have only read three contributions to the subject so far, noticing that no one mentions songs of childhood. My mother sang to us every day, and at bedtime. I can still hear her. Might actually ask her to sing down the phone next time I speak to her. And then there are those wonderful songs the whole class sang on the bus going for a day trip. One I particularly remember involved Madagascar and pestilence on board ship.


  4. Wow!That is a great list and befits you my friend. Ave Maria, I heard it last night as part of the film The Intouchables on DVD and I felt like kicking myself for not having included that in my list. That song never fails to get me all gooey gooey for reasons that I shall write about in a story post one of these days.

  5. @Grannymar

    We had a lot of Patsy in Kansas. Jack could have fit right in!

  6. @shackman

    I've got to get caught up, but I have one of the most interesting, demanding and difficult jobs going right now that I have worked on since school days. It is really occupying a lot of my energy and focus.

    If that list fits me, then I've probably changed a lot since writing it. Because, as you say, it would be a whole new list now, no doubt.

  7. @Ursula

    My songs from childhood were more at school or on my grandmother's record player. 78's, they were, but there may have been some later 33's. We would listen to Tennessee Ernie Ford and Hank Williams, not good bedtime fare.

  8. @Rummuser

    Ave Maria well done is one of the purest sounds on the planet. It befits the subject!


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