Friday, July 26, 2013

What you see out the window

Today's Friday Loose Blogger Consortium topic is brought to us by Grannymar (who I'm willing to believe has some beautiful views!).  Wonder what the other members of the Consortium see??  I'll be interested in finding out and I bet you will, too!

I was surprised to find how many of my pictures are taken out through windows.  Looking through a window it is almost a picture fully framed to begin with, packaged  and categorized, sitting in a pigeon hole ready to be pulled out and appreciated!  It might be a storm that has blown in ...

Or, maybe the picture frame is the car window, like this picture of California Poppies on a hillside going over the Grapevine heading to San Diego to see our daughter.

Or something whimsical like a funny rock shape on a hillside.

Maybe it is fog through the window  in our wooden door.

Or a vineyard beside the road.

Sometimes it is scary like the ambulance taking your neighbor to the hospital!  Fortunately, it had a happy ending.

Whatever it is, viewing it through a window is almost a perfect metaphor for how life events appear to us, sitting comfortably housed in the present looking through the window of memory at the past or the window of imagination at the future.  We adjust our moods and emotions like  the adjustments of a thermostat as the howling storm outside passes through and the beauty of the subsequent rainbow beckons us forth.

The insulated view informs us, lets us plan and prepare before joining in once again.  Then someone watches us through their window.  We are social, visual creatures, after all.


  1. Your conclusion is like the sage advising his students that while asleep he dreamt that he was a butterfly. When he woke up he wondered if he was the dreamer or the butterfly dreaming about the sage.

    1. Yes, that is said better than I, but it was where I was going. Thank you for bringing such an apt and beautifully phrased reference.

  2. But ya gotta get outside to participate!

    1. Absolutely! You can choose whether to sit naked in the rain or not, though. :)

      Too much meditation seems like staying inside too much to me. Seems like it would give you a version of cabin fever.

  3. I finally made it to the window or windows of my three weeks holiday. The full stories will follow in due course.

  4. @Grannymar

    I'm looking forward to hearing it! I didn't know you did such an unusual thing such as going on a vacation. Is this what the Aussies would call a bit of a walkabout?


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