Friday, July 12, 2013

Not Over Yet

This topic was brought to the Loose Blogger Consortium by Will Knott.  It is fascinating to see a group of people blog on the same topic at the same time and I encourage you to use the clickable links on the right to see what the others have done with this topic.  After you read this, of course!


It very seldom happens to me – how many men have begun a sentence that way? – but last night I wrote a post on this topic and it was truly dreadful.  In my own eyes it was dreadful, that is how truly awful it was.  So, I decided it was better to be late than awful.

So, as is my way (and a few others of our group), I just cast the topic to the universe or my subconscious - which really are not separate – to see what would return.  As our Bible says, cast your bread upon the water.  This is the haul that I brought in:

1.  We had a crash landing right across the Bay from us which caught the attention of the world.  They smacked a Korean jet into the sea wall separating the runway area from the water.  They were extremely lucky they did not kill everyone, but the news just came in that another passenger, the third, has died.  The story here is that you must pay attention right to the completion of the landing, for until you are fully down, it’s not over yet.  But, for the dead, it unfortunately is.

2.  I just received word a half hour ago that the only girl in my elementary school class has had cancer spread to her bones and that she will need to go to a nursing home.  I am so hoping and praying that it is not over yet.

3.  On a lighter note, my solution for a customer seemed complete last night.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t complete and it has taken me all day to finish it to full satisfaction.  It was not over yet.

4.  John Madden is a legendary coach and TV sports broadcast personality in America and lives locally.  He has a program each morning on the local station.  One of the things he has talked about is retirement and he says that a person should not look at retirement until it is time to fully retire – then do it! – because it is ineffective and makes you unhappy to have one foot in each world.  I am thinking he is right and my work life is not over yet!

5.  And, last, how do you know when your mission is complete?  If you are still alive, IT’S NOT OVER YET!


  1. It's definitely not over yet, Old Foss. Hope I am not going to snuff it whilst typing this. That would be such marvellous timing, don't you think? As it is, life goes on. Till it just about had it. And stops mid track like I used to when running marathons at school. I hate marathons. Give me a sprint.

    Not over yet. I sometimes get odd jolts in my brain. Not during the day. At night. Don't like it. I swear one of the reasons I haven't cleared certain areas of my life (so I won't leave a mess behind) is that until I do it's not over yet. As superstition goes it's not bad.

    You've sent me on a not so great path: For some reason, don't know why, I don't think I'll live to a 'grand' old age. Don't say a word: I know it's stupid.

    Other than that: I'd have loved to read that "awful" first draft of yours.


  2. I flew home on a plane that originated from the same airport that the Asiana Air originated from. We too were flying from Shanghai. As we approached SFO, I couldn't help but think of those passengers who thought, "We finally made it!", only to crash moments later. Very sad.

  3. @Ursula

    Trust me, you don't want to read that stupid first draft. It was one of those experimental ones and some experiments go bad. This one was so bad, it might actually hasten that demise you don't want jinxed into proximity!

  4. @Delirious

    That had to cause a bit of reflection! I think this one is shaping up as cockpit error, but they are being very thorough.

  5. No, it is never over TOF. The kind of issues that you have raised keep cropping up in my life too with monotonous regularity. One friend has gone completely blind, one bought it, another divorced from his wife of forty years, and so on and so forth and coming to retirement. My retirement is not over yet. I don't have to work for a living and that is my definition of a retired life, but activities don't cease just because you are no longer a suit.

    And my founder fellow LBC member, for the LBC it is far from over.

  6. @Rummuser

    May the events pass as reflections on the water. And long live the LBC!

  7. Last Thursday I was almost beginning to wish it was all over! Thankfully Thursdays trouble is all over and I am back in the land of the living once more!

  8. @Grannymar

    And when you are not there, I miss you. Glad you made it through the miseries!


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