Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Great Weekend in the Napa Valley

The above picture of the Beringer Winery's Rhine House is typical of the Napa Valley and its beauty.  Beringer is the oldest continually operating active winery in the valley - I think - and they do have some very fine selections onsite, some special selection of Cabernet Sauvignon running about $750 per bottle.  But, the Lady F and I are in Napa so often caring for her mother's needs that we very seldom go out to the wineries, for it tends to be an expensive experience.

Then family comes into town from out of state and it becomes worth it.  The shared experience is better than the wine!  If you look at the left side of the house, that is where the following discussion of life was taking place:

You can tell by the animation that the conversation was lively and amenable - and it was for the entire weekend.  Many are the events in extended family and the relatives were from Salt Lake City, Utah, so a lot of catching up and learning about family was had.  The lady above with the Lady F is a cousin we had not even met before this trip and she was with another inlaw that we have known for many years.

Let us just say that everyone has not had the easiest life, but that a lot of knowledge and support has been shared between good hearts.  I can't think of a more worthwhile way to spend a weekend.

And we are heading home with two very nice bottles of Cabernet with a mild blend of Petite something that sounded kind of like Petite Fredo, but perhaps is Petite Verdot (you know an American and his understanding of foreign words, so I apologize).  Life is very busy, but it is very good.


  1. 750 Dollars for a bottle of wine? Great. I now have two options: One, to calculate how much that is per sip, per mouthful, per drop. Two, contemplating whether I shouldn't marry an oil sheikh, or anyone else with money to burn, after all.

    One of these days I'll get round to contemplating how the price of anything is worked out.

    Sounds a great weekend. And I share your sentiment - not least because I live so very far away from everybody. Your cousin (hair and facial features) reminds me of a great-aunt of mine, a portrait painter, now dead. So you never know, Old Foss, we may be related. Don't faint.

    Glad to see that Italians and I are not the only ones talking with their hands.


  2. Beringer's Rhine House looks full of character with plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a family gathering. We Irish are good at that sort of thing.

    I remember one such gathering on this August bank holiday weekend back in 1963. The venue was our house - the food was good and we had a large garden where the long legged of three generations could stretch and wander! The original idea was one day, but they were coming for a week and going for a week!

    We did not have Cabernet Sauvignon @ $750 per bottle, but one uncle brought a contribution - poitin that he had distilled at home in the heart of London!

  3. @Ursula

    $750 for a bottle is a bit out of our league, but $50 very occasionally for a really nice bottle is more like it. But, like they say in the commercials, "Talking with your hands? Priceless!"

  4. @Rummuser

    I had a colonoscopy yesterday which went just fine and results were perfect. However, during the prep, I envied me from last weekend, too!!

  5. @Grannymar

    The Rhine House is one of those true beauties that stands close scrutiny, too! It has texture and gorgeous lines and is surrounded by grounds that do it justice. Those top wineries usually have beautiful settings, for the Valley lends itself to that and they have a very large amount of money at their disposal!


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