Friday, August 30, 2013


imageRamana recently put the old and valuable wisdom of the mystic who dreamed he was a butterfly and then awakened to wonder if he was a man who had dreamed he was a butterfly or whether he was a butterfly now dreaming he was a man.

Einstein said that relativity was a statement of all that is relative to your frame of reference.  Although his theory becomes complex, the underlying theme was that he was really uncovering that which was truly irrelative regardless of the point of view.

And such is my view of distraction.  Am I distracted these days because I have so many people needs during my work time or am I distracted because I have so much work during necessary people time?  It is a beautiful example of relativity.  It depends upon the frame of reference and the frame of reference chosen depends upon what a person values and what necessities life presents.  I value the people, but supporting them and myself requires taking care of economic necessities.  I value taking care of my own needs as much as possible so that I don't become a burden to others, but diverting to people are personal necessities.  So, am I a man or a butterfly?

No wonder Vonnegut summed  the universal meaning as "Busy, busy, busy."

There was a time when I had extra time laying around, when I needed to fill it with meaning.  So, I started a blog and started expressing.  Then I became acquainted with others in the blogging community that I found myself attracted to for the understandings of the world they expressed.  So, I had this bright idea that maybe we could form a consortium of friends expressing on the same topic each week.  It was a great idea and has worked out marvelously.

Then life intervened and loaded me up with care giving and business.  From my perspective, it all makes sense.  That means I only post one blog posting a week in honor of those friends that I love and respect yet take time with those in need of my assist in one sense or another.

So life goes full circle.  Am I a distracted blogger or am I a distracted businessman or am I a distracted caregiver or am I a distracted mate?

Who cares?  Life is what it is and life is good!  Isn't that the true irrelative answer, the level at which none of it is distraction?


  1. Of course it all makes sense.

    1. Amazing how you come up with the most appropriate song for every occasion Shackman. What a song!

  2. That is life and this is distraction my friend. Now, you have to put on your mystic hat and figure that one out.

  3. I don't have employment right now, and I have a housekeeper to take care of household duties. I could use a few distractions right now!

  4. You ask whether you are a man or a butterfly.

    You are a man with wings. How's that?

    Which reminds me: I don't like the expression "like a butterfly". It's totally unfair (to a butterfly). A butterfly does what a butterfly does and once it's finished (emphasis on 'finish') with one flower it goes on to the next. Nothing flighty about it.

    Like your take on Einstein. Or as I used to say, all encompassing, accommodating all and everything: "It's all relative." Whilst still true, these days I am a little more precise.

    Other than that I believe we should spread ourselves as widely as possible but not to the detriment of core relationships.So if you, Old Foss, don't answer this comment of mine I know where I stand in your pecking order. Barely first rung of the ladder. Brilliant. For someone afraid of heights.

    All the best,

  5. Only in death are there no distractions. Long live waking up each morning!

  6. @Rummuser

    Got it, about the distraction. I think it is a meaningful distraction, though. But, it is funny we call it the afterlife when this is really the beforelife.

  7. @Delirious

    Uh. How do I sign up for a little of that? :)

  8. @Ursula

    Actually, U, Einstein didn't say it is all relative. He just said that what we perceive separately as space and time are relative to the frame of reference. Spacetime intervals between events are irrelative to the frame of reference and that is what he was working to show. By some accounts, he originally considered calling it the Theory of Irrelativity.

    And you, U, are definitely on my ladder. You never write a post I don't read. You never make a comment that I don't consider and feel.

  9. @Grannymar

    LOL You do realize this is in direct contradiction to what RR said?

  10. @Grannymar

    Wait! LOL squared! As I reread it, you may be in total agreement with what RR said!

  11. Yes - it's funny how things develop and sometimes the tail ends up wagging the dog.

  12. @blackwatertown

    Isn't that the truth!!!


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