Monday, August 12, 2013

Why Dad's Car Went to Lafawnda

This was Dad's car:

You are seeing it at it's new digs, in front of Lafawnda and Flash's apartment in Clovis, CA.  Why?  Multiple reasons.  This was the car that was going to Lafawnda:

This car came from Dad's Mother-in-law a couple of years ago.  It needed work, both cosmetic and mechanical, but was basically pretty sound and definitely was originally a luxury vehicle.  It was to go to Lafawnda as she started her Dietetic Internship today, since she would need independent transportation from Flash.

Then we took it to our mechanic to spiff it up mechanically before taking it to her.  However, he did such a fantastic job that Dad fell in love with it.  So, at the last minute we changed the lineup and took the burgundy Honda to Lafawnda and not just because the two names rhyme in the alternate universe of this blog.

Lafawnda was delighted because she learned to drive on the Honda and loved the car.  So now everyone is happy!  And happy is very important to a daughter undertaking a new adventure that can be a bit daunting at first.

The Lady F and I are really excited!  This is a big deal and we are excited for and with our daughter.  May her journey be on happy roads!


  1. Almost a 'One Lady Owner' car, highly prized for resale in this neck of the woods!

    May your & lady F's shirt buttons burst with pride in your wonderful daughter, Lafawnda. A bundle of talent, I predict she will go places, as we say in Ireland.

  2. I am not fooled. I am an Indian. We love dowry more than what we buy with our own cash. Honda also rhymes with bonda.

  3. @Grannymar

    They always do! She is off to a great start, very greatly in part due to the fact that she never takes a great start for granted.

  4. @Rummuser

    Nah. You've been fooled this time. No dowry.


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