Friday, August 23, 2013

Modern Addictions

Instant communication in general is also a modern addiction.  I am listening to my daughter right now as she talks about her day with her internship while I'm typing this on my iPad.  I have a mobile hotspot so that I can tune in almost anywhere.

But, like all addictions, you know what the problem is.  Addictions unmoderated are unhealthy, even the positive addictions.  That is why the Lady and I kicked our modern addictions from last Thursday thru this Tuesday.  We headed into the back country around Mendocino, CA and did a lot of hiking, a lot of appreciation of forest and ocean and beautiful plants.  And food.  We got off the modern grid!



  1. It is amazing how we all became so dependent on modern technology. OK, I give in...addicted to it. I have cut way back on my time online, I;ll save it for the dark days of winter.

    In the meantime, enjoy your holiday!

  2. Agree on addictions and your choice of vacation spots. We used to love heading up that way for dinner at the Union Hotel and cruising the area. Or we'd head up to Avery fior some real kick-ass enw year's eve parties at stately Hitchcock manor. There was the occasional round of golf on a snow covered course. Sigh.

  3. Wish I could do just the same! But luckily, I don't have a cell phone addiction. I don't even like cell phones. I don't text, I don't talk on the phone, and I don't carry one around. One less addiction for me is just fine. :)

  4. The point is, I had suggested Modern addictions. Those listed by you are the most addictive. I can list a whole lot of old fashioned addictions like a weekly massage, monthly pedicure and so on, but among the modern addictions, except the facebook, blogging and email, I can safely say that I am not addicted. But what the heck, might as well enjoy being modern despite my age and to that end, Halelujah indeed!

  5. @Grannymar

    It's probably part of our animal nature to settle into a habitat. Modern technology has just become part of it.

    And, speaking of habitat, we have been back in ours since Tuesday! Don't worry, we will be going somewhere at the end of September. We need to practice before we actually get to retire!

  6. @shackman

    We have relatives up by Avery over on Love Creek! They have some great microbreweries up there now. And cousin John does some great brewing on his own property.

    We took in some fun music over in Arnold last summer.

  7. @Delirious

    Now, I find out you don't have a cell phone! What am I to do with you, Delirious?? LOL

  8. @Rummuser

    I have a friend over last night who is 6 months younger than me, but looks at least 10 years older than you. 10 years older than your chronological age, that is, not the age you really are, which is delightfully hard to determine!


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