Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wrong Fit


Will Knott brought this topic to the LBC and I am WAAAY past Friday.  The world rolled over me and then backed up last week.  Nothing bad, just very occupied.  Oh, life!

I’ve actually struggled with this topic for days.  All that I produced was a bunch of wrong fits unworthy of a post.  It’s ironic, but unsatisfying.

What is more important, though, was the post that shackman made.  Due to the circumstances in his life, he is feeling the need to leave the LBC.  He said he was a wrong fit, something with which I heartily disagree.  He has always been a breath of fresh air to all of us.  As sad as I am to see him leave our group, I am much more sad because of the circumstances. 

The door of the LBC will always be open to you, shackman.  And it is a door shaped perfectly to fit you!


  1. I too had to wonder why he felt he was a wrong fit! I'm probably the biggest odd ball of the bunch. :) But I hope things in his life get better so that he can rejoin us.

  2. I second you on the door being open for shackman. We has always kept me well grounded in the best possible way. He is travelling a tough passage right now and will always be in my thoughts.

  3. Ditto about Shackman, but I hope that he will re-enter the LBC soon with his typical aplomb.

  4. @Delirious

    You will have to pardon my effort at seeing you as a bit of an oddball, but we are on the same page about shackman.

  5. @Grannymar

    He was a great friend when we worked together, but I have been so moved by his perceptions and what he shares in this forum, that I am loathe to see him go. I understand how impossible his situation is, though.


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