Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Super Fly!

When I got home from a brief outing today, I noticed that my fly was unzipped.  I am at the age and the pants were of a design where it caused me virtually no distress at all.  Then the universe threw in some synchronicity to keep Ramana reading.  I just ran across this headline for NBCNews.com:

An estimated 17,616 people wound up in U.S. emergency rooms between 2002 and 2012 because they caught their genitals, almost always penises, in zippers, according to a new study.

So, I wasn’t being careless when I didn’t pull up the zipper.  I was being careful.  And where do I get one of those lungis?


  1. Ha Ha!

    Now if it was Mayo......!

  2. Now that's a memory you never forget - hurts just thinking about it

  3. @Grannymar

    LOL I am not quite sure what to do with that comment!

  4. @shackman

    Most of us have been there, just not sent to the emergency room. Ballpark in my head, I'm thinking that is about 5 a day.

    That scene of exactly this happening was one of the most outrageous in "Meet the Fockers" as I recall! That was the Ben Stiller movie where he did that, isn't it?

  5. Whew! Ya got lucky Fossil. I grew up with three brothers and the howls from one of these encounters still rings in my ears.
    blessings ~ maxi

  6. @Maxi

    Painful memories hopefully never revisited!

  7. @Rummuser

    I will let my neighbors across the street explain to everyone what I'm doing. It seems liberating!


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