Friday, March 15, 2013

Music that changed my life

Maria, the Silver Fox brought this to the Loose Blogger Consortium for our Friday writing.  I’m late (unavoidably), but I wanted you to see how Les Misèrables was not just a movie or another movie or musical to me.  It really did change my life, for the lead, Jean Valjean was my newly minted son-in-law and this was my daughter’s first musical as a freshman.  I even had a part, building major portions of the set from scratch, so it truly was a family affair.

Now, I present to you some highlights and I remind you that every bit of singing you hear is live singing by kids of one of the top choirs every year in the country.  This was created by me taking the VHS tape I made of it, playing it on the TV and recording it with my iPhone.  You can imagine the loss of quality and you can imagine what it was like live.

I present to you the marvelous Mt. Eden High School Choir of Hayward performing the musical Les Misèrables!


  1. Being involved in the production of a Musical, the music has time to soak into your soul. I remember times like that, with Man of La Mancha. It was a few years before I had a husband, a daughter or a son in law. When I hear that music today, I am transported back all those years. Later I was a founder member of a musical and dramatic society and remain friends with lads I met back then.

  2. @Grannymar

    It does indeed soak into the soul, not just because of the effort you put into it, but because of the personal emotional associations made while watching the performers learn and perfect it. Especially if those performers are close to you as are your kids.

    I am fascinated by your Man from La Mancha story. You have so many delightful facets.

  3. @Grannymar

    PS The musical and dramatic society you founded, is it alive a flourishing today? Who all is involved and how did you start it?

  4. Kudos to these performers, Fossil. There is a lot of talent here. You must be so proud of your daughter in her first musical.
    blessings ~ maxi

  5. @Maxi

    There is indeed a lot of talent here. My son-in-law was one of the most talented singers to come through there and he was marvelous. Right now, he and my daughter are just making a living, but I hope he does more singing somewhere. And my daughter did well in her own right with a lead in the musicals the next three years. Still, they are doing the right things with their lives right now and music may re-enter later. When the time is right.

  6. Fabulous. I can relate to how some activity like that can have a serious impact on one's life when one's child is involved and the parent has contributed to the creative effort.

  7. @Rummuser

    The real key to parenting as far as I've learned is that involvement with the child is the essential first step, the type of involvement that makes the child feel loved and supported while they take on the inevitable turbulence of life. The return for the parent is immeasurable!


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