Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stupidity, Take Two: Science and the Media Oscars

First on the plate, CNN anchor asks whether Global Warming had anything to do with the asteroid that came close to the Earth.  So, the Oscar for “dumbest question of the week” goes to:

The Oscar for dumb question of the week!

Second, for Fox can never be left out of the “we will just make it up if we need to” game, an anchor asserts that solar can never work in America like in Germany because we don’t have as much sun.  Which is totally incorrect …  So, the Oscar for best “Lie to serve a purpose in a fantasy” category goes to:


After watching these two, I have to admit that maybe there is no evolution.


  1. 1st clip is not available but one need only listen to Hardball on MSNBC for a daily dose of dumbness from the left. It's nice to know the stupidity is fair and balanced - just makes it troublesome to have to find multiple sources of the same story to get a grasp on the raw, unspun facts to find out what is real and what is not. Reminds me of the old adage - if you can't sazzle them with brillians, baffle them with BS. Or as our old boss Jim Kelso used to say "Sell the sizzle, not the steak"

  2. Shucks I like to see stupidity. Makes me feel sort-of smart. Too bad video won't play.


  3. @shackman

    There is absolute dumb going on on all sides right now.

  4. @bhb

    The video was squelched by CNN legal, LOL. However, you have some of the best perception I've ever seen and a lot of that comes from your willingness to consider honestly all the things that come your direction.

  5. @shackman

    Kelso had a lot of wisdom.

  6. A ridiculous statement by Shibani Joshi maybe, but I think "liar" is a little strong.

    My late husband and I tried solar panels. The expense far exceeded any benefit. And we live in Florida.

    blessings to ya Fossil ~ maxi

  7. @Maxi

    I don't think liar is too strong if it was intentional. If not, incompetent is probably more fair.

    As for the benefits of the solar panels, that is how it is with new technology until it becomes ubiquitous. Whether we like it or not, many of the paths to technological ubiquity is paved by governments and it evolves into much more cost effective solutions. The ROI becomes considerably less if you instead do not own the solar panels and a company installs them and then sells you the electricity harvested, something that is being offered in California. Even though you lose some of the individual control, you gain the capacity to reap benefits immediately and it means harvesting a resource renewable for the next 4.5 billion years.

  8. @shackman

    I wonder, too. I can find no trace on the internet and know of nothing via the grapevine.

  9. Evolution? I am convinced that we are now in regression. A couple of centuries down the line, another Darwin clone will discover how from human beings we regressed into monkeys.

  10. @Rummuser

    I tend to agree. We need new Founding Fathers (or Mothers) for the human race to turn this around.


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