Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Love a Nice Panorama

Today’s cameras and computers make taking a panorama picture relatively easy.  It is actually a series of pictures taken side by side and then stitched together.  As evidence of how nice they can be, I offer you two that I took on our New Zealand trip and stitched together at home.

The first is from an observation deck at Queenstown.  The rainbow over the lake was nice enough to oblige Flash and Lafawnda as they looked out across Lake Wakatipu:



The second is from the world renowned Milford Sound centered on Mitre Peak.  The “snow” on the mountains on the right is actually a glacier:


Now it is even easier with an iPhone.  It will take the panorama on the spot and coach you on your sweep from left to right.

Technology definitely has its advantages in some areas of life!


  1. Yes technology can be very useful. It can also be very annoying in the wrong hands as it was with a few film goers earlier today who could not turn their handsets off!

    1. Well really Rummy - simply everyone knows the most important thing in the whole wide world isone's next text message or phone call.

  2. Fos nearly every camera I've written copy for in the last year has included some sort of panorama function that when selected automatically stitches together 3 consecutive shots. You can certainly get a big bang for your camera buying buck these days. It's amazing how things develop as technology matures.

  3. I actually can read but I like pix better :)

  4. @Grannymar

    They definitely have their place trying to convey a bit more of the feeling of that sweeping landscape!

  5. @Rummuser and @shackman

    Technology and etiquette are definitely in collision right now. So many have not been taught simple courtesy.

  6. @shackman

    Panoramas have been a bit tricky for users and the new cameras make it so simple and so quick. Panoramas are only attractive in limited situations, though, almost always with scenery. Even then, I've taken some that were pretty quickly discarded.

  7. @bhb

    That's funny! And who doesn't like a little visual input?


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