Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I never wanted to tell you part two–meeting Anne


My quest was underway.  The intervening three years between college and now had actually sharpened my desire.  I had worked as a Science Teacher, served as field foreman at a Pine Tree Nursery, worked on an oil rig, been a gandy dancer on the railroad, run a rock quarry with a friend through a Kansas winter, driven a cab and attended Grad School in Social Psychology … well, the list goes on and on.  I was practicing Karate, reading books on everything I could find that might further my cause.  I was reaching out in any direction that was available.

But, most importantly, I was meditating.  Alone.  I didn’t want anyone to tell me techniques, right and wrong, or anything else.  I was as stubborn as an ox on this!  The only thing I was trying to do was shut off my internal dialogue and see what happened.  I wasn’t looking for peace nearly as much as I was looking for discovery.

It was about this time that I met Anne.  She was married to Ben – neither of these are their real names, but everything else is fact as I remember it – and I had known Ben years earlier and we were reconnecting.  He had been a Hippie in his day and I think that was when they met.  Anne certainly wasn’t a flower child when I met her, though.  She had a mind and attention like a focused laser.  She worked in an office and could rattle numbers into calculations faster than I had ever seen a 10-key worked!  Her tastes ran to PBS, particularly Upstairs / Downstairs.  And, did I mention that she was an excellent cook who liked her kitchen kept in its proper order?

My meditations took a turn that was unexpected.  Of course, any turn would be to the unexpected since I was only trying to shut off my inner chatter and see what would replace it.

In any case, I started to feel strongly that my teacher was nearby.  Now, that is not particularly rational or trustworthy, but I had determined how I was going to do my investigations into reality and that meant opening first, stepping through open doors and explaining later.

Not only did I feel that my teacher was nearby, but that Anne was definitely part of that picture.  I went to her and Ben and, quite frankly, scared her half out of her wits.  She was made of stern stuff, though, and recovered quickly.  It was with trepidation that she agreed to sit and meditate with me.  She and I both agreed later that her fear was because deep inside she knew her own potential.

To her amazement, something happened.  She felt like she took off.  She had meditated before, although rarely, but this time she said she was able to sense my consciousness and go with me, that it catapulted her.  I, in turn, felt the capacity to guide it, focus it, redirect it.  For me, it was much more highly charged and energized than my meditations alone.

Here was the frightening part for Anne: I realized somehow, without any doubt, that Anne could be a medium.  Ben thought that was intriguing.  And I really wanted her to try it!

To be continued …



    1. That is how we did it. We clicked our heels together three times and said, "There's no place like OM. There's no place like OM ..." and it worked. I think it may just work for Kansans.

  2. Go on you tease!

    When the student is ready, the teacher appears.
    ~ Zen

  3. Can't wait to see where this leads…
    Blessings - Maxi


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