Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This is where you run me out on a rail … but you get to meet Basil!

ouija board

So, Anne was nervous and I was excited.  Ben had to go to his work shift, but wanted us to keep him posted.

Anne: I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.

Me: Me either.  The only thing I know is to get a Ouija Board.

So we did.  This is where you would standardly run me out on the rail, because there is nothing dumber than a Ouija Board, right?  Or, nothing more evil if you have that frame of mind.  In our case, we just didn’t know what else to do.

So, we sat at the Ouija Board and waited for about 3 seconds.  Seriously.  And the pointer started moving and I asked Anne if she was moving it and she was asking me if I was moving it and we are both saying no and telling each other just put one finger on it to see what happens – all the stuff that happens when you are a little flustered.

So, it spelled out, “My name is Basil.”  That isn’t the name he gave us, but I have no desire to invade anyone’s privacy by someone being able to Google a name with which they are familiar.

He proceeded to tell us that he knew Anne in a monastery or some such in England back around the 10th Century or so.  I don’t remember that detail very well, but in any case, the conversation had begun.  Just like us, Basil needed some place to start.

When Ben got home, he and Anne tried the board and things picked up considerably.  This was to be the combination for our sessions from that point on, but the Ouija Board was a comfort for Anne and she really didn’t need it.  Very soon, the pointer was just flying around and never pointing to anything while she talked.  Indeed, Basil told us we could dispense with it whenever we wanted, but Anne always felt more comfortable with the board present.  I think with the board present, she always avoided the idea of a trance although she was able to speak for Basil real time with full expression without any sort of trance.  She was amazing!

So was Basil.  He told us that with our group around to use as a power source, he could do a session with a brick!  He told us that we worked together somewhat like a battery.

Now, to give you some tangible reasons from where you are sitting to take such seeming school kid silliness with more than a grain of salt.

The Light Bulb

About two weeks after our sessions started, I was lying down in bed, ready to do some reading when the image of a light bulb just appeared in my mind.  It was like the afterimage you see when you have been staring at a light for awhile and look away, but it was more vivid and had more detail to it.

I tried to blink and see if it would go away.  I tried to wait and see if it would fade.  I tried to think about things and see if it would disappear.  Nothing worked until it just simply disappeared after about 20 minutes.

The next night, I asked Basil this simple question, “Was that you??  No other lead in.  His response was, “Yes.  I wanted to use a simple image projected to open channels.”

Note that I had said nothing about an image and had not mentioned it to either Ben or Anne – or anyone else.  I was still in the “proving” phase.

The Car

Ben and I were going to go out one evening about a month or so after beginning sessions.  Ben’s car would not start.  Turn the key, nothing.  So, we didn’t go.

Later that evening, we had a session and Basil let us know that he was the one who prevented Ben’s car from starting.  He encouraged us to go out and start the car.  He specifically instructed us to turn the key and wait a bit.  We did and after about three seconds, it started.

Inside again, Basil informed us that he did it because we were going to be in an accident on that trip.  When I asked him how he did it, he replied, “dimensional overlap.  My consciousness was in your dimension while simultaneously in another where the rules are different.”

That’s a pretty specific answer.

Shared Dreams

Later, our group expanded to six.  One of the other members and Ben each reported having the other in a dream the night before.  Then, they found that all the details matched.  They had shared the same dream and what each perceived himself as doing, the other saw.

The Ranch

Another of our six was meditating with me one day when suddenly I was in a place and could move around in it by effort of will (and it took some effort!).  I went around the room, out a door and looked at the outside, looked at some adjoining rooms.  Eventually, both of us snapped out of it.

When we took a trip later that year to her father’s ranch, as we pulled up I knew it to be the place that I had experienced.  Before we entered, I described the rooms, where we would go, what we would see.  And, I was right.  It was the same place.

During the Sessions

These were not simply “mail in your question” sessions.  We were all participants.  I felt movements and impressions, received insights, etc. in the midst of the sessions.  At times, Anne would not be able to explain something when I would spontaneously know what it was and explain it.  Basil said that he needed my scientific knowledge where Anne did not have the concept, because it was impossible to say through her what she had no knowledge of and couldn’t conceive.

And, now you have heard of Basil.  Are there any questions?


  1. Now I have heard about Basil. I thought that was the stuff I have been adding to my sangers all these years. Maybe that what happened to me!! ;)

  2. Oh ye of little faith. A group of my friends had a ouija board session a few years after HS and into college. Note the similar timing - perhaps because those young minds are enquiring enough to be open to such contact. Now I knew these people well. Very well. When the board started answering in French everyine was stunnhed as nONE of those involved spoke or understood french. So they were smart enough to write things down and get a family history on one of them. In french - later verified to be frighteningly accurate. So Basil is not surprising to me. My own particular tale of the bizarre concerns the Zodiac killer. I'll tell it some day -

  3. No, I do not have any questions. I have heard of many strange stories like this from people who start on the path. Eventually all such experiences fall into place and form the foundation of true progress. I have had some experiences too while in intense meditation camps.

    1. I think we need to talk on the side about your concepts of true progress. You have sent me books, but we have never discussed any of their implications.


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