Friday, July 20, 2012

Gratitude to the LBC

I have reason to reflect on the gathering we know as the Loose Blogger Consortium on this, our third birthday.  It has given me much pleasure and friendship, companionship that I value for more than the obvious sharing of family.  I also want to salute the integrity and quality of what the members express.

I copied this from Seth Godin’s blog today because it is so apt:

In the relentless search for clicks, profit-focused media companies are racing to the bottom as fast as they can get there.

Can we do anything about this? Should we care?

I think the answer to both questions is yes. We should care about an influential industry that creates and amplifies fear, on deadline, distracts us and festers, like a fast-growing tumor, diminishing the healthy tissue around it.

We get what we click on.

Alas, we also get what others click on. And society does a poor job of marketing productive media to itself. We're consuming more media than ever before, but I'm not sure the mass media is making us much smarter, braver or more willing to take action.

The integrity, honesty and well-placed human values of my fellow members are a great counter to this.  This group does not race to the bottom at a time when not doing so really matters!


  1. It was an honour to be invited to take part with such wonderful penmanship and of course now with the added beauty, talent & penwomanship!

  2. Seth Godin has given us food for thought. Thanks for sharing, consort. The relentless search for clicks…


    Blessings - Maxi

  3. Happy thoughts.


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