Friday, November 29, 2013


When I was a child, daydreaming was a delightful habit.  My mind would just take off for the hinterlands and I could construct my own internal novel at will.  Indeed, I at times would construct a fantasy story line that I would essentially pause when my attention was needed for the "real" world and then restarted at that point as I returned to it.

Those internal stories had super heroes and I was, oddly enough, an observer, almost as though it was a movie.  It made me an easy child to take places, because I didn't need my parents or other adults keep me entertained.

Don't get me wrong, I was not a withdrawn child and I only enjoyed my inner landscape in this way when there was nothing of interest for involvement at the time.  Now, I don't daydream in that manner at all, but that doesn't mean that I don't use the same inner tools for adult purposes.  I am involved in a project that requires me to imagine lighting fixtures oriented in space and what it takes to turn this into an input system for a salesperson and an output system for a manufacturing facility.  Different use, same tools.

I also use a more freeform version of this for my spiritual questing.  Instead of directing inner imagery, I try to present an inner medium awaiting spontaneous "projection" as it were.

I'm sure all of us have some version of this.  I am curious.  What is your version?

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  1. Interestingly enough, I can pause real dreams and pick them up again It's fun and exciting - kinda like taking a bathroom break at a movie. I also suspect your daydreams were always more spiritual than mine as you are much more spiritual than I

  2. @shackman

    I was a kid and I think they were more adventurous than spiritual. But ... I'm fascinated with your ability to start and stop a dream at will. That is a very nice talent!

  3. My brain likes to have something to "chew on". So sometimes I have something in mind that I will imagine how to create. This can entertain my brain for a long time, until I am satisfied with the design. Then I have to come up with something new to create. :)

  4. @Delirious

    I'm pretty much the same way!

  5. I often plan a craft project in my head, I see the finished object in 3D. The crochet jacket on my back today (pattern made up as I went along) is a case in point, yet I never see it as daydreaming.

  6. I tend to depend on my spontaneity to accomplish whatever it is that I wish to. I simply start the process and let things happen till the end. Since what I need to accomplish is not very much, it is not too difficult to live so. The spiritual quest is to internalise the understanding that the I is the witness.

  7. @Grannymar

    But, did you ever daydream as a child? Are you using the same tools of the mind?

  8. @Rummuser

    I think both are viable for what you are seeking to achieve. We are children of different experience, different cultures and different life needs. At times, I must visualize as GM does, to accomplish my programming needs or other project needs. In terms of my spiritual quest, those attributes, as well as following spontaneity, were encouraged by the one I have here called Basil.

    As for the I, yes, I believe in the I as the witness, but I also believe in the I as the author and the participant with full knowledge of the illusion.

  9. It was a moment of revelation when I realised that I was able to control my dreams - liberating. (Though that applies to night dreams - not considered it for daydreams.)

  10. @blackwatertown

    That does sound liberating!

  11. It must be great to have an internal cinema. Who needs digital entertainment then?

  12. @Maria Perry Mohan

    Precisely correct, Maria. Precisely correct.

  13. Restart at that point when you returned… I gotta tell ya Fossil, that's some ability right there.
    blessings ~ maxi

  14. @Maxi

    It's one that has transferred to my career as a programmer.


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