Friday, November 8, 2013

Road Rage

Of all the people who might bring this topic for the LBC consideration, Padmini Natarajan seems one of the least likely to suffer from the aflliction of any of the people I know.  Then again, people get behind the wheel and you don't know them ...

You go out, get in your car, take a simple ride to work or a granddaughter's soccer game or for groceries.   You've done it a thousand other times, but this time!!! This time, a fool is driving about 40 mph over the speed limit, cuts you off and almost causes you to crash, then goes off weaving through traffic like there is no tomorrow.

Your blood starts to boil and adrenalin is shooting through your system as the body responds for fight or flight.  Nothing would please you more than to see the two-bit SOB bite the guardrail on a tight curve.  Where is a cop when you need one!

The truth is, most of us have experienced this.  It is a primitive response, which, of course, means that it is one of the harder ones to control.  I'm sure it comes out of the reptilian complex, somewhere deep and dark where dastardly potential lurks.  Part of you is glad you don't have a gun right now.  But, if intent encourages reality, this person is definitely not destined for Heaven!  Not after the invective you just hurled at him.

Well, the bad news is that some people ARE carrying guns and are willing to stop and use them.  Short of that, many people are willing to do things in a car that they would never think of in another setting.  I mean, what is the last time you saw someone pushing through the line waiting to get in to a movie?  But, get that same person in a car and all social niceties fly right out the window.

Oddly enough, I've read that studies show that people who personalize their cars the most are the most likely to be abusive on the roadways.  So, is it an ego thing or a sense of entitlement?  Please tell me what you think.

In the meantime, I will try to tame this stupid reptile that lives in my head.  He's a pretty crappy driver.


  1. Entitlement. Many people think shutting their car door and fastening their seatbelt entitles them to act like a tank commander. Or worse. And yes - the propensity of may to carry firearms makes these incidents a bit unnerving.

  2. When I see the hot rodders burning up the tarmac, while pushing everyone out of their way, I quietly remind them they are not out of this world 'yet'!. I then hope that they reach their destination, without taking anyone of us with them.

  3. When people are armed, it takes the phenomenon of rage to a whole new level.....

  4. As a victim of road rage, I feel these "hotheads" have a problem with anger. It is not only behind the wheel that they lose control.
    blessings ~ maxi

  5. I think people who react that way on the road, are the kind of people who react that way off the road. They are people with a hot temper, and no self control

  6. It is the old Lone Ranger syndrome. You are in your armoured (armed) space and the warrior instinct gets the better of you. It is you against the rest of the world.

  7. @shackman

    There is a bit of entitlement going around, isn't there?

  8. @Grannymar

    I need to learn a bit of grace from you. My reminders are less quiet.

  9. @Maria Perry Mohan

    On the road, in bars ... settling disputes with weapons is a really BAD idea!

  10. @Maxi

    Sometimes they are the hotheads, sometimes they are carriers.

  11. @Rummuser

    And the vehicle offers the same anonymity that the Lone Ranger's mask does, making cavalier behavior much easier.


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