Friday, November 15, 2013

When I Was Young ...

... this baseball uniform actually fit!  Now, you can see that the only thing allowing me to keep the pants on was to use a belt at Halloween.

... I had hair.

... I had many friends and I had my parents ... but I still felt lonely in some ways.

Who needs to be young?  I am happy right as I am.

This topic was brought to us by the ever youngun, Grannymar!  May her eternal youth serve her well for a long time!


  1. Mayo With All His HairNovember 15, 2013 at 8:34 AM

    My God Conrad, you gave a light induced "headache" with that head shot.

  2. I agree with you but no way would my baseball uni fit - I still have hair and I am often amazed how lonely I feel with this pack of humanity that surrounds me - something that has carried over from my youth

  3. I adapted to my situation with each stage in life. After the last fifteen and a half years living alone, I have learned not to be lonely. I have to admit the in the past couple of months since I have been told not to drive, it has proved more difficult. Not to worry, it won't beat me.

  4. I suffer from what some dear friends call arrested development. That despite loss of hair, additional love handles and beer belly plus extra spare parts. I would rather not adjust and be happy being an arrested growth person.

  5. Unfortunately, that sense of well being only comes with age. :)

  6. @Mayo With All His Hair

    I am good for camping, though. We don't need a lantern.

  7. @shackman

    That loneliness is not an inconsiderable burden.

  8. @Grannymar

    Your courage is such an abiding part of what you are. I sense it may be time to share on the side, though.

  9. @Rummuser

    You always seek peace and contentment in your present. What a marvelous way to be!

  10. @Delirious

    Usually true. In my case, it came with sharing with my mate ... which, of course, came with aging. :)

  11. You look great, Fossil. And I'm with ya about being young.

    My heart goes out to GrannyMar; I was stuck there for four months a while back and it was tough.

    Although I lost my beloved David, I never feel lonely … it is one of the advantages of being a loner.

    blessings ~ maxi

  12. @Maxi

    I think what helps you to not be lonely is that you had David with you in the first place. I was lonely when I had no mate yet to create memories with.


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