Friday, January 4, 2013


Anyone who has traveled to the American South knows that the pace is just a little slower, a little more … relaxed … than other places.  Kinda like this …


  1. The South most that I have visited is Atlanta and that too on business to visit a trade fair and to meet some business contacts. The pace was certainly slower than New York, but a great deal faster than India!

    And to go back to those old days of summer and a contrasting style -

  2. Now I am feeling very laid back!

  3. @Rummuser

    But, South or not, Atlanta is still urban. Spend some time in the countryside in the South. Of course, I imagine nothing is as slow as the pace of India.

  4. @Grannymar

    I love that song, especially with Ella and Satchmo.

  5. Anyone but me see the irony in your choosing this great song by two black superstars to explain relaxation in the south?? Great choice - suddenly it is sticky, hot and the middle of summer - ice cold beer in hand. You know me - it's always beer:30 somewhere.

  6. @shackman

    Absolutely. I was thinking of the irony when I posted it. Still, there is an underlying truth in what they are expressing, kind of a paradox. And the music is marvelous.

    To be human in all cultures seems to me to have underlying irony and paradox. Those qualities inform me about life in a way hard to express, an undercurrent always there, a hint of a deeper truth just beyond grasp.

  7. LOVE that song! I grew up in Texas, but that's night exactly the right geographical location for that music, even though it's south. lol

  8. @Delirious

    Texas is a different kind of South! Unique in so many ways. I ate a jalapeno down there once that wouldn't let me relax at all for awhile! :(

  9. I live south of Atlanta in Central Florida. There is a lotta teasin' about me being a slow mover.

    It's okay, slow motion keeps me relaxed.

    Blessings ~ Maxi

  10. @Maxi

    I grew up in Kansas and we weren't quite fish or fowl. We had a real mix of Southern and Northern characteristics and it even extended to our accents. The South produced a drawl, the North produced a more clipped, crisp pronounciation and the blend became a twang!

    And, we tend to be midway speedwise, too.

  11. A beautiful choice. When I visited Disney World in Florida, after many trips to Disneyland here in California, I had the strangest desire to wind-up the Disney workers. I remember standing in line for popcorn and watching a guy move almost in slow motion to fill the bag.


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