Saturday, January 12, 2013

Health Food

Found this in the store today. Oh, Lordy! Or is that oh, Lardy?


  1. @Grannymar

    They are probably much more palatable than these would be!

  2. @Ursula

    I don't even find these things appealing! No, we just laughed and I took a picture, but we didn't buy any. We were just getting some lunch meat and a few other groceries for the mother-in-law because her cupboards were becoming a bit barren.

  3. @Grannymar

    Yep, looked up your bacon rolls. Definitely more palatable.

  4. This post touched me because my late husband was crazy about bacon and would have enjoyed these hot dogs.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  5. @Maxi

    I love bacon crisp, but I seldom eat it. My wife and I have never had the high fat - other than olive oil - diets because our fathers had heart trouble at such early ages. We saw how it hobbles the latter years and enjoy lighter diets.

    Nonetheless, I can see how it would be a reminder for you, Maxi. Anyone who has lost a loved mate finds small jogs to the memory and the emotions in the most mundane items, for it is the relationship that made them special.


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