Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Artistic Aspiration

To be able to paint with this ability, this clarity and this expression with watercolor is my aspiration.  Man's reach, of course, must exceed his grasp.

By the way, this painting by a Vietnamese artist was brought to my attention by he who I affectionately think of as The Ramanator.


  1. I might admire the medium of watercolour, but it is not for me. I did try ONCE! I think years of neat slow work to achieve tidy edges ruined me for life. :(

  2. That's indeed impressive - I love watercolor works

  3. I love this! I'm not a trained aritist, but I have had some training in how to appreciate good art. :)

  4. @Grannymar

    I ain't claiming I can pull it off. I don't play professional baseball, either.

  5. @shackman

    This guy really has a nice technique.

  6. @Delirious

    I would think this one would rank well.

  7. I know zip about art Consort, but this painting is fabulous. The painter has style and talent. Are you going to give it a try?
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  8. @Maxi

    I sure won't try to copy this one! Lacking both style and talent, the last thing I want is a comparison, LOL.

    What I am thinking of is trying to render some of the scenes from pictures I took traveling to Italy and New Zealand. In particular, I would like to try a picture of the gondolas, the buildings and the people on and around the Grand Canal as viewed from the Rialto Bridge, a picture that I particularly love and think would render nicely as a watercolor.

  9. Ramanator being one who eliminates Ramana? Will be nice to meet up with the person!

  10. Incidentally, this would not be your weekly LBC posting would it?

    1. The Irish may have some links to ancient India dear!

  11. @Maria Perry Mohan

    Thanks, Maria. It came to me via Ramana himself. So, now we find he is not only Irish, he is Vietnamese!


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