Friday, August 24, 2012

The Oddest Place I've Slept In / On ...

This topic was brought to the Loose Blogger Consortium (listed with clickable links on the right, so check their takes on the topic out) by Paul of Blackwatertown fame.  Tough one, Paul.  Tough one.
I'll let the readers decide what is the most odd.
  • I slept under a park bench in a sleeping bag, in the rain, in Limon, Colorado while trying to hitchhike from Arizona to Kansas.
  • Slept on a mountain peak in a thunderstorm.
  • Slept in a ... well, basically a closet in a pasture in New Zealand.
  • Slept in a school bus on a mattress stolen from my dorm on the way to Florida.
  • Slept on an airport bench waiting for a friend coming form Europe who forgot it wasn’t OK to bring hashish home from Amsterdam and ate it in the security line.  I’d have killed him when he eventually showed up, but he already looked most of the way there.
  • Slept with my head on the rim of a toilet, but then, who hasn't?
Man, I've had a really boring life!  At least, a sleeping life.  Paul must have a doozy, though, or he wouldn’t have brought this up!


  1. Hmm, headed my way to Florida on the famous bus. Very interesting, consort. I think everything on your list is interesting.
    Blessings - Maxi

  2. On balance, I think that you win hands down in this contest. Except for those many occasions when I was banished to the bath tub or to the couch!

    1. Banished to the bathtub? Kind of like GM?

  3. What was a closet doing in the middle of a pasture in New Zealand? Perhaps you had been sampling that old Kiwi Gold.

    Anyway - glad you weren't flushed away.

    1. The "closet" was really a mini-shed with windows that we froze in overnight (although the blankets supplied were superb!). It is a hostel near Abel Tasmine called "The Barn." And, fake moaning set aside, it was fantastic and Lady F, Lafawnda, Flash and I enjoyed it immensely.


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