Monday, August 6, 2012

The clocks on my computer


These clocks in one corner of my computer give a hint of my priorities, LOL!!!  I don’t know who this Clay and Monica and Conrad and Carly are, but in a dream, I think they are somehow relevant to me.

Anyway, photos and observations from Lafawnda and Flash’s wedding – which was absolutely everything any of us hoped for! - will be filtering in for awhile, so be patient.  In the meantime, I am taking my family to see parts of the Bay Area and will fold that in, too!

In the meanTIME, time marches on …

Oh, and that countdown to Lafawnda’s Wedding will now need to change to say how long married!!!


  1. I wonder who he knows in Ireland??

    Enjoy the afterglow - I loved the photos that I have seen already. Elegant Simplicity!

    1. Elegant simplicity is a description I really like. Thank you!

  2. It must be nice to focus on that corner and go off into a transcendental trance!

    1. A bit, but I mostly look over, check out how available I imagine you and GM to be ... and then grin about my kids!

  3. Whew! How in world do you keep track, consort? Now me, I would avoid that corner…

    Look forward to more family photos; especially days after the wedding.

    Blessings to you and the family - Maxi


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