Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Calvinistic Thought

Calvin and Hobbes

I’m busy reworking reality after Lafawnda and Flash’s wedding.

Translation: I am working to bring funds back up to normal!

Just thought you wanted to know why the spotty writing schedule.  Right?  Hello?


  1. Calvin has got it wrong. It should be Lubbock, Texas that the Martians should be attacking.

  2. Hmm - new normal for me is zero so that'd be easy. As to Martians & Lubbock - welllllllllllll - remember - our current governor threatened to secede from the union as we are a Republic, not really a state. And they call California the land of fruits and nuts. Go figure.

  3. Martians? I thought they became modernized, joined Facebook and such…
    Blessings - Maxi

    1. What a cool idea - Martians appearing not on radar - but on social media. Excellent thought.


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