Monday, August 20, 2012

The End of Our World?

Frank and Ernest End of the World

No, our world hasn’t actually ended, but we have certainly turned the page to a new chapter.  Photos are coming, but be it known that Lafawnda and Flash are safely back in their world mostly enhanced by a lot more kitchen appliances.  Everyone was exceptionally generous with them and Lafawnda has invited the Lady F and me down to their place for Thanksgiving!

Now, if that doesn’t help it sink in to us, nothing will!


  1. Hello Darby, how is Joan? ;) I am glad to hear that Lafawnda and Flash are back in their own little world. Do enjoy being spoiled at Thanksgiving.

    Darby & Joan from an 18th century song, it refers to an ideal elderly married couple living in domestic harmony.

  2. Good one GM - Fos and lady Fos as an elderly married couple - now I feel really old -

  3. Go on! It is second honey moon time friend. Don't mind the three of us!

  4. @Rummuser

    I am reconfiguring my world ... just as it reconfigures me.

  5. Oh yeah, your first invite. You know it's the real deal now.
    Blessings - Maxi


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