Friday, February 3, 2012



This image fits nicely with the concepts in a book sent to me by my good friend – and the producer of this LBC topic – Ramana Rajgopaul.  Consistent with Eastern understanding, the individual is but one ripple on a sea of consciousness.  There are certainly lesser understandings than this - and less accurate understandings - in all cultures.  Working with it raises the level of my own perceptions and that can’t be bad.

But, wait!  How has The Old Fossil known Ramana long enough to be engaged in a private philosophical / spiritual discussion?  And, why is The Old Fossil writing about a aConsortium topic?  Because I am a long-time Consortium member invited back into the fold by Grannymar.

Projecting The Old Fossil has allowed me to place my identity at arms length, allowed me to look at the ripple from afar.  Physics teaches us that observation does indeed affect the observed and it is affecting me.

I have less attachment to those parts I will leave behind.  Parts now unnecessary, parts of another time.  It is a spiritual metamorphosis and it feels good.

All of this even though the blogging product is mostly silly fun on my / The Old Fossil’s part.  The Old Fossil is lighter and prone to taking himself less seriously than I have been.  Old Foss or Tee O or TOF has a certain comfort with himself that I like.

He is teaching me.


  1. Welcome back Tee O, it is good to have you once more in our circle. We all need to learn from nature and shed old skins and begin anew. Welcome to the comfort zone.

  2. I am into Physics big time, they sure clear my indigestion and help me to see life clearly.

  3. I preceive what I want to preceive. I preceive that Grannymar and Rummuser are the real deal. They have not fossilized yet. You, Old Foss, have gone their and now appear to be turning into dust. I think the winds have clouded your preception of what is real, and maybe the unknown is a very good thing.
    And as for you Violet, you need to start eating more mushrooms. Their earthy flavor and nutritional value will help in your indigestion, and the motions of life. They say that the 'cordyceps mushrooms' act as a very good aphrodisiac.

    1. Hello there Mayo, You know sometin, I love mushrooms and I eat them just about every day. Mind you I have to go pick 'em first.

  4. Distance not only gives perspective, it also makes the heart grow fonder.

  5. I recollect a story from Buddha's life. As a child when he was witnessing the annual tilling ritual where his father, the king personally tilled a piece of land for farming, he felt pain at seeing the worms and other smaller creatures die. Then he viewed the tree bearing fruits and felt just the same. This is so because he perceived that both the worms and the tree, were caught in the web of karma and neither could break free of the bonds. I guess that is the difference between viewing the larger picture and being sucked into the narrow picture :)


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