Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day: A Free Shot!


American football fans know what a quarterback is likely to do when a flag is thrown early in a play and he knows it is against the opposition.  He will take a big risk and try to pull off a big play!

Why?  Well, in the worst case, the play comes back and his team chooses to accept the penalty against the other team and his team comes out ahead.  So, even the downside is an upside!

But … if he pulls off the big play, he may get a score or huge yardage.  So, his upside is a huge upside!

Leap Day, February 29th once every four years, should be seen like that.  First, we should all be off today.  Second, we should do something that has a huge upside like winning the lottery or getting a Nobel Prize - and the universe should give us a downside that is actually an upside!

We should get this because it isn’t a real day.  Look at last year’s calendar and see if you can find February 29th.  Look at next year’s calendar and see if you can find February 29th.  You can’t, because February 29th is not as real a day, the way I see it.

Besides … the universe owes us one!

This logic supplied as a public service announcement in the spirit of Gracie Allen.


  1. The the sun's well over the yardarm here, so I;ll have a shot of brandy or gin! Will you join me?

  2. Ah yes - a free day. Sure would be nice.

    1. shackman, if I could give you a free day, I sure would. In the meantime, all I can offer is a toast with GM and me.

      Side note on that: Clay has a friend who said he would get me a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue. When I checked about it last week with Clay, he said that Brodie would have done it, but the other guy got put in jail. Again.

      I wonder where that bottle of Blue was coming from!

  3. By your definition, every day for me is the leap day! Totally free! I am however still waiting for the proposal that is supposed to come only in leap years.


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