Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Fossil Detour

The Lady F's mother and step-father had a bad week and we received an emergency call early yesterday morning. Long story short, after an ambulance trip, we spent all day at the hospital and he will be transferred to a skilled nursing facility today.

The wheel of time keeps turning. Along the way, it generates challenges alloyed with gentle grace.

I will send micro posts like this as the events catch up with experience. That last line is for Rummuser to consider. :)


  1. Know you are in our thoughts at this time. We are not going anywhere and are prepared to wait.

    1. There are changes and I will be talking with you about it tomorrow. But, in the meantime, I appreciate the well wishes.

    2. The situation is much more complex than the doctors imagined. They say it is very atypical.


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