Monday, February 6, 2012

Older Fossil Update

Last I talked with you, we were looking at a Skilled Nursing Facility for rehabilitation. Things have changed considerably since then. My father-in-law is following a very serious and simultaneously atypical pattern. It is now believed that there is quite a combination of factors at work and the sense of urgency by the medical staff is to be applauded.

He has Parkinson's, but the belief now is that this is almost a bit player being magnified by other factors. They have discovered he has hepatic encephalopathy, where the liver is inadequately clearing toxins from the system. This leads to neurological failure. They are purging his system to clear the toxins manually, so to speak, for the neurological failure magnifies the effects of the Parkinson's.

Still, that isn't the whole story. He shows certain enzyme elevations that show cardiac problems and he may in fact be having a slow heart attack. They also have him in this morning for MRI testing searching for clots and other clues. This is like having all of us cast in an episode of House.

The Lady F's mother is very weary at this point and I am staying with her at her house while Lady F is at the hospital. We maintain contact as we go through the day and this is the optimal solution right now. Everyone is doing their part on the team. I will be trimming shrubbery, for this is what will ease Lady F's mother's mind.

Like the doctors and my FIL, we are all on a voyage of discovery. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Tee O, thank you for the update. it is not an easy station, we are virtually holding hands around all the family at this time.

    Hugs GM

  2. Makes my painful tail end, feel like man flu, by comparison. As Grannymar says, Comfort hugs for all the family


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