Friday, June 28, 2013

This is why we don't live in Death Valley!

This is the temperature at 9:00 this evening.  In Metric for the sane measurers among us:

It is going to get hotter.  The predicted high in a couple of days is 129 degrees!  But, that's OK, it will cool down to a nice, mild 98 degrees at night.  Here is the 15 day forecast:

Death Valley, CA has now been officially certified as the hottest place on the planet.  In two weeks, it will be precisely one century since it set the all-time record for reliably recorded high temperature: 134 degrees!  A news reporter traveled one day with a State Trooper whose job it was to patrol Death Valley and the reporter recorded that the cop drank 32 quarts of water that day.  He said that as long as you stay hydrated, you have a fighting chance.

The Lady F and I don't want that kind of heat, so we are staying this weekend in Fresno, CA, where Lafawnda has her internship.  The predicted high for here is only 109 tomorrow, but it will be up to 111 by Wednesday.  It was still 101 at 8:30!

I'm kind of glad I grew up in Kansas so I know what to expect.  At least I don't have on full pads for a two-a-day, shackman!


  1. Touch 40°C and I turn to jelly, yet with air conditioning I need to put more clothes on!

  2. Welcome to Texas-like heat Fos - on occasion when I start work around 4AM it's in the 80's - temp and humidity - LOL - in Texas you learn to breathe water.

  3. NO thank you! It's already hot enough here in Wuhan!

  4. @Grannymar

    You would be jelly spread all over toast today! It is hot!

  5. @shackman

    Texas (and Florida and Kansas and Missouri and ...) have a different heat, though. The sauna! I spent a week in Corpus Christie one summer where I wasn't dry the entire week!

  6. @Delirious

    Yep. Some things - like heat - are pretty international. Ramana gets to have the heat mixed with monsoon moisture.


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