Thursday, June 20, 2013

Feel the Spirit

Nandu and I have been discussing fine scotches lately while our friend Ramana has foregone this pleasure because of spiritual pursuits.  Indeed, he has told us of gurus coming to the home through books and other sources, so we felt like we needed to follow his fine example.  We even decided to go the hard path to do the traditional mountain climb to find a guru and here is a picture from our journey:

We are glad we followed Ramana's advice.


  1. Any Irish Mist at that altitude?

  2. Thathaasthu.

    Nandu is in mourning for his late mother who died two days ago. I shall however give a link to him on FB for him to catch up with when he returns to it.

  3. Is that what they mean by being "on the rock(s)"? :)


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