Monday, December 31, 2012

Snatching Health From the Jaws of Illness



For so many, 2012 was a year to leave behind.  The brightest spot for us was my daughter’s wedding!  Yeah!  But, the rest of 2012 was not all that easy in our world.  This seems to be a common experience.

So, what do we do?  So often, it seems that we look at difficulty as a survival of the fittest situation, that motivation for better comes from seeking to defeat someone else.  Competition is good, right?  Unfortunately, it all too often devolves into destruction of the other for the betterment of yourself.

Perhaps a better focus, a better motivation is not on victory and defeat, but rather on health!  Health is a cooperative venture and, as opposed to most competition, the betterment of your neighbor, not his destruction, contributes to the betterment of yourself.  Good health begets more good health.  Suddenly, killing the patient to discredit the doctor seems less palatable than competitive leadership at the top and undercutting at the bottom.

So, let me give you all this New Year’s wish:



  1. Good health is gold dust and we should never take it for granted. Today I had a letter inviting me for a topless photo-shoot... No. Not like that, this is for the good of my health. ;)

    A HEALTHY NEW YEAR to you, Fossie, and all in Fossil world! May 2013 be a goodun!

  2. And similarly I wish a HEALTHY new year for you too! Wow, I hope this year does keep us in good health.

  3. @Grannymar

    Well, I will be a gentleman and not ask too many details, but I will say that I am delighted that you are taking them up on the invite!

  4. @Delirious

    All of us in good health! That is the beauty of health, one of the best ways to nourish it is to support it in each other. To your health!

  5. I sure can use that wish TOF. And it gives me great pleasure to reciprocate.


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