Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unfinished business

I have one piece of unfinished business that has languished for awhile – and I just realized I never told you the outcome.  The other is MUCH more recent.

Remember when we were putting together that puzzle, Starry Night, in San Diego while visiting Lafawnda and Flash?  It was really doubtful that we were going to get it completed before we had to leave.  Well, here is what happened:


Here is the picture of Flash and Lafawnda putting in place the last piece literally 10 minutes before we headed out!

And this is the result of doing tie-dye of t-shirts at Booder Fossil’s 10th birthday party:


I love the way it came out.  And, my hands are almost scrubbed clean, even though I haven’t soaked them in vodka like Grannymar suggested to me on Facebook.  Was I supposed to soak them from the inside, GM?  It isn’t working, but I no longer care that they are stained!


  1. I have the problem is that my kids all want to be the person that puts in the last piece of the puzzle, so they are always hiding a piece until the end. lol
    Love the shirt!

  2. Grand. That is the comment for both achievements.

    1. Indeed. Beginners luck is another term for the shirt!

  3. I'm suffering deja vu here... Having seen both pictures before. Was the first one an instagram on the morning you left? I know I commented on the caterpillar on fb. Well done again on both.

    About the Vodka..... using it from the inside means that the colour of your hands just won't matter any more. Using it as a rub on your hands should remove the stain.

  4. This is what happens when Fossils reach back to their roots.....

  5. Old Foss, be it on your bones, I am on my knees: Where do people take time and patience from to do puzzles, tie die and then wash their hands? Ignore Grannymar. She is wasteful. Vodka? I ask you. Try lemon juice instead. Or visit a country where they chop off your hands if you so much as steal a loaf of bread. The last sentence (!) may also solve all your problems should you superglue your fingers to form a web not to be separated.


    1. Thanks a lot on that bread theft suggestion, U! LOL Sheesh.


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