Saturday, March 17, 2012

Everyone is Irish?

Today is St. Patrick's Day. In America we say that today, all of us are Irish.

I have approximately 5 liters of blood in my body. By ancestry, almost two liters of that blood has Irish genetic origin. But, the only Irish culture I know is fed me by Grannymar.

My mother-in-law can claim the whole package if she wants, though. She was left on a church doorstep in a basket. On Chinese New Year, she gets to be Chinese.

She doesn't know anything about being Irish, either. But, we both celebrate anyway - so, maybe we ARE Irish!


  1. I decree you are Honorary Irish for the day. Slainte!

    I have just spoken to my Elly in Chandler, Arizona. She spent nineteen hours travelling over to Phoenix on St Patrick's Day. Poor kid, she will return to Irish soil in the early hours of next Sunday morning only to discover the clocks have sprung forward an hour!

    I am home once more from my gallivanting round Dublin and hope to catch up on blog reading over the next few days.

    Did you miss me? ;)

    1. Cuz, you know I missed you! I've been gone and going to Carly's next week. Catching up as we speak. And, I gladly accept the Irish for a day two days late!

  2. Replies
    1. I'm black Irish they tell me. They also say I'm Cherokee, but Mom says that is crap. Not the Irish part, though.

  3. I'm 48% Irish, 4th generation in this country.

    1. Ok, with that kind of precision, is the rest of you German or Swiss?


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