Thursday, March 22, 2012

Captcha Hell

Captcha is rapidly becoming one of the most hated of all blogging hurdles.  Grannymar and Ramana have both rightly commented upon it.  So has an article in Scientific American.

For those of you that think this is mere whining, take a look at the following screen captures I got while trying to comment at one friend’s blog:


FAIL!  Fortunately, I had copied the comment and was able to paste and try again:


This time it worked.

I mean, come on!  No, I’m not a robot.  The robots will probably start getting it right each time.


  1. THe first one looked like Weetsiv to me :P lol

    Actually, I have less disdain for the captchas because I saw a program about the man who invented them. After I learned the true purpose of them, which is to teach computers to recognize different kinds of scripts, I have always liked them to a degree. I admit they still frustrate me, but I think the invention of them was so clever that I can over look the frustration. I know they are used to help tell if the person commenting is a real person, but they also do the task I mentioned above.

  2. Old Foss, may I cry at your shoulder?

    I don't even know what those Captchas are there for. Is it a form of slow torture, making you reflect on how much time of our lives we spend on the inconsequential? Is it a device to trigger paranoia: What's happened to my eye sight? Why don't they use Garibaldi Bold as their font of choice? Not that I have any allegiances to Garibaldi. Do they want to find out whether I am illiterate? If so, who does harvest this information; and what do they do with it?

    In defense of the captcha I will say: Once or twice, being put through the paces again and again and again, it saved me from myself. Suddenly that genius of a comment of mine not quite what it was when I first wrote it. Pass me the delete button. Press.


  3. May be the idea is to make us unsuspecting commentators robots!

  4. Now WordPress has joined in the game of 'Frustrate the Blog Readers'. Maybe it is time I found a new hobby?


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