Saturday, January 21, 2012

Amazon has me figured out!

So much for the mystery of life!  It used to take years of friendship or a good, perceptive shrink to really get at a person’s core.  Now, all you need is Amazon.

Here is how they pegged me and suggested I would like to purchase next.  Couldn’t be more clear, I must say.



  1. Well while you think about it, how about some

    1. Toss in your chips, Amazon ... you've just been trumped!!!

      I don't know of a good shrink that could top that!

    2. Amazon and other online booksellers have got our horoscopes all figured out in their systems. Big Brothers are indeed watching us everywhere now. Other networks like FB, Linked in etc are also capable of using our background information to make our names and email ids available for focused direct mailings.In a way, I suppose that it was inevitable!

    3. Rummuser, I have to think we are quite often receiving a default future because, all too often, we don't even understand the factors affecting us. Life's rules are changing faster than ever before in history.


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