Friday, April 5, 2013


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I used to believe in finality.  I still do ... in a sense.  I believe in it as a local understanding, for we do experience it.  We experience it in all kinds of ways:

Getting a degree at school.  The finality of the good life!
Getting married, the finality of being single.  The finality of freedom, ha ha ha.
Dying, what would seem to be the ultimate finality.

I think that local perception is absolutely essential.  After all, who wants ANYTHING to last forever, when you think about it.  How boring.  It also gives us the edge that keeps us on our toes, for embracing our mortality is essential to carpeing the diem.

But, weird as it may seem, I ultimately no longer believe in finality.  Time travel ruined me, you see.


  1. Traveling through time can do that. It messes with your perceptions. Both the WayBack machine and the Tomorrow checker. I find the Wayback really shows how foggy a memory can be and the Tomorow Checker shows just how limiting preconceived notions can be. What's a guy to do. Sigh. Linearity in a non-linear world. At least we have hockey and baseball. And of course Harry Dresden amd good single-malt.

    1. Chuck, wherever the two of us end up, I can assure you that there will be baseball, football, ice hockey and hold your breath, soccer and cricket too.

  2. We are, afterall, eternal beings. :)

  3. Since I am religiously neutral right now I'll be content with today. I no longer take life seriously, because nobody gets out of it alive.

  4. @shackman

    We are definitely on the same page. And every day, more physics is on our side!

  5. @Delirious

    I agree. Ultimately eternal, locally mortal. And, oh what a gift the local is!

  6. @Grannymar

    I always enjoyed the old joke that my personal plan is to live forever and - it is working so far! :)

  7. Yes, I like the use of the word 'local'. Things are likely to be rather unexpected when one is out of town!


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