Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Seussical Nephewsical


The Lady F and I went to the City on Sunday afternoon to see our nephew – who I’ll call Sebinator Fossil – in his performance as Thing 2 in a grand production of Seussical the Musical based upon characters and combined storylines from Dr. Seuss.  It is delightful to see 7 – 13 year olds performing in a summer camp that is outrageously expensive for parents, but priceless for those who can swing it!

There was Thing 1 and Thing 2 coming in from stage left and Thing 1 and Thing 2 coming in from stage right.  Sebinator was Thing 2 from stage left, just so you don’t get your Things confused!  You can see all of them with the other cast members in their bows above!

In one scene, stage left and right Thing 1’s appeared simultaneously.  But … only Thing 2 from stage right!  Horrors!  Lady F immediately noticed.

Well, by next scene in which the Things appeared, Sebinator had reappeared and we noticed that right before the intermission he trapsed across the stage with no other Things and was waving to the audience.  Hmmm…

Turns out that right before the scene he missed, one of is friends had turned and accidentally hit him in the mouth with his elbow, knocking out a loose front tooth!  It always takes a scene or so to recombobulate when you have just had one of your front teeth knocked out.  He was compensated for the loss with the gratuitous wave to the crowd by a very astute director!

And, here is the proud performer after the event with his proud Uncle:


Sometimes it’s not just priceless for the parents!


  1. That last photo is priceless! I love to see the little'uns on stage.

  2. Ditto Grannymar. I would have taken my dentures off for the photoop to keep company with that imp.

  3. Google is clueless. What is a sebinator? I need to know in case it pops up in a crossword puzzle.

    1. Sebinator is like Booder. Totally made up from experience. We give the kids nicknames and one day in the car, I did a play on Sebastian's name and called him Sebination T. Cornpone, which he particularly liked. That evolved over time until he became The Sebinator.

  4. Love that last picture--priceless indeed!


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