Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Am Waxing Gibbous


The moon cycles are classified with kind of a matrix of descriptions.  If the moon face is fully illuminated, we say it is Full.  If fully dark, we say it is New.  If somewhere in between, it is either less than half illuminated, which we call Crescent or more than half illuminated, which we call Gibbous.  If it is precisely half lit, I have no idea.

So, those are the immediate, lit states that we find.  Now it also has transition states.  If it is becoming more lit as time goes on, we say it is Waxing.  If it is become less lit as time progresses, we say it is Waning.

Ramana called me yesterday morning on Skype and we had a delightful conversation.  As a good, sensitive friend, he has noticed that I have not been commenting on my own blog and that of others lately at nearly the rate one would expect from my past efforts.  He also noticed that my posting was a bit late, which is not customary for me.

But, I think he may have been surprised to find that I looked hale and hearty.  Well, I have to reconcile this for you.  I have had a period of lower energy for a few reasons:

  1. I tweaked my back in January in such a way that it led to pain down my leg.  As those who have experienced this know, it does drag on you and also slows your exercise regimen itself, further lowering energy.  I am glad to note that this is almost totally taken care of as I write this.  I also note that we are talking a few months to correct it!
  2. We have been exceedingly busy with one just completed wedding and two impending this summer.  I am involved in all three – only two financially, thankfully – and they have led to some weariness, even though it is good weariness.
  3. My work has increased significantly.  Again, more tiring.
  4. Many people around the Lady F and I have become ill or died in rapid succession and we have found ourselves in that familiar care giving mode.  And mourning those losses, too.

Mix it all together and my blogging has taken a definite hit.  This will probably be much better by the end of the summer.  I may even reacquaint myself with something called leisure time.

However, in the immediate, I am glad to say that I am Waxing Gibbous!  I am not Full of energy, but definitely doing well.  And, the trend is upward.

Ah, those cycles of life!


  1. So it is official.... You are a PAIN! :lol: Sorry cuz, I couldn't resist it.

    I do feel for you, and know what a drag continuous pain can be. Problems never seem to come in 'ones', the first sips through the net and suddenly the falling dominoes effect is the order of the day.

    Might be time for a touch of the Funky Gibbon

    Take care.

    1. My pain is fairly minor on the scale and quite manageable. Now. When I first hurt it, it would wake me up trying to turn over in bed and that stage was a real drag.

      Now, the pain I am for others, well, that is a bit less fleeting!

  2. May Ganesha bless you with constant waxing and no waning. (Before you quip, no, not the waxing that may just occur to you, but the waxing in this context, :-)

    1. Rummuser, I am afraid it is as we learned in Karate Kid, "Wax on; wax off!"

  3. I would love to send you an "anti energy drink", a bottle of Red Top. You need to relax more!

    1. Absolutely true! But, does any Red Top ever show up? Nooo ...

  4. I wish I were waning gibberish.



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