Monday, September 1, 2014

An Honest Effort to Restart

Blogging, short for Web Logging, has migrated into something a bit more than logging for most of us.  It has become a philosophical and life values platform for people often having little past public profile.  We all become authors, pundits and leaders, for doesn't social media offer us "friends" and "followers" from all over the globe.  It really has some dramatic pluses.

However, what really matters in terms of life responsibility is what we find right in front of us, our families, our jobs, our face-to-face contacts on a daily basis.  That must come first and it can be quite a challenging thing here on the mortal coil.  People around us age, natural disasters happen, illness can befall even the young - and all of these things can lay claim upon our most precious resource, time!

I have always treasured my friends of the LBC.  That is the real reason I make this effort to restart, sitting on a bench in a developing back yard with a silly golf driving setup which works and was used yesterday by my son and me.  Soon, where I am sitting will be covered by a pergola and more dry climate plants will find their place as befits the changing water needs of California.

I invite you to sit with me and share with me as you would a friend or acquaintance in your tangible world.  Let us treat one another with respect and support, even when challenging ideas we share.  Whether you are Republican or Democrat or Independent, believe in God or not or, like me, have a more nuanced view of it All, I can treasure your right to your well-considered personal views.  Likewise, I ask that you have a tolerance and respect for mine and know that both of ours grow with time.  Otherwise, it is best that we wish one another well on our journeys and part in peace.


  1. Lovely photos on Facebook of Tahoe! Did you feel the earthquake? We were too far south to feel it.

  2. No, we were at Tahoe and couldn't feel it there.

  3. I am elated! Welcome back founder member of the LBC. I have missed your blogging and that is an understatement.

    I for one fully understand your absence and there is absolutely no need for any apologies. I have been there but since my commitments were to stay at home, I was able to use the blogging platform and the IM via the web to keep my sanity during very trying times.

    My mentor and friend a Scotsman was an avid golfer as I was too before I bust my hip joints. He had a special frame made somewhat like what you have shown here except that it was rectangular. Two vertical stand alone poles emedded in solid concrete blocks with spikes on top and a horizontal bar on top which would fit on to the spikes. Fishing nets available everywhere where we lived then were simply thrown over the horizontal pole and voila we had a practice range too. When he left India, he gifted those monsters to me and they travelled all over the country on all my transfers till I gave up golf in 1981. Your photo has brought that memory back so vividly that I send you my thanks for that.

    Once again, welcome back.

    1. Thank you, Ramana! I'm a terrible golfer, but I think my son has potential.

  4. Welcome back, Fossil. We have missed you and your thought-proving posts. I cannot agree more with all you have said. It is those we live with on a daily basis who must come first in our lives.

    Hope that all is well with you and your family.
    blessings ~ maxi

  5. If there is one thing that shows how frustrating life can be regardless of one's intentions it is that infernal game - golf. For that rare straight as an arrow 3oo yard drive I hit there were innumerable slices and hooks which led to my trekking 5-6 times the normal distance of most golfers per round. And so I say welcome back Fos -



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