Friday, October 11, 2013

My Greatest Fear

What was Delirious thinking bringing this topic to us?  You know it would be a tough one.  Oh, wait, answer my own question!

Anyway, I have a lot of local fears, the fears of the body, the fears that any creature aware of danger and mortality has.  I fear falling when I lean precariously from a great height.  I fear dying painfully.  These are normal fears of the body.

They aren't my greatest fear, though.  My greatest fear is not so immediate and neither do I think it will happen.  Still, it is the driving force of my life.  So let me step back and explain it.

Like Ramana, I believe in sychronicity.  I believe it is an indicator of meaning in a life, an indicator that connected events tell a story, much as a novel does.  If it has meaning, it means that one is born to a meaning, to a purpose, to a life task.

My biggest fear is to miss the point of my life, to live it only to find on the other side that I was born to do something that I simply didn't perceive or was too lazy or too cowardly to carry out.

I really don't want that to happen.  Really!

Wonder what the other characters of the Loose Bloggers Consortium fear.  Click them on the right side of the page and go check them out!


  1. You mean I spent years peeling spuds for the hoards of relations when I should have been sat on a great big cushion, fanned by a team of toyboys? :(

  2. Not to worry Fossil, you will get it right.
    blessings ~ maxi

  3. How can you miss the point if sychronicity exits? Your life happens as it is meant to -

  4. Not having a point is the point of life TOF! Fire away at those ghosts who tell you otherwise.

  5. @Grannymar

    You know very well that you should have been waited on for your entire life!

  6. @Maxi

    Thanks for saying that, but I'm more interested in how you found out! :) Since I know it is in the bag, I'm going to start letting people wait on me like GM is!

  7. @Maria Perry Mohan

    Topics are as fun as we make them. No need to fear a topic, right?

  8. @shackman

    Ah, but what if synchronicity has more to do with coordination and interconnection than predestination? I still believe in the universal flux.

  9. @Rummuser

    Don't cast the phenomenal on the midden heap just because it is all Maya. A movie can have meaning even though it is just a projection.

    Something, even though it is indescribable, projects it. And that ineffable something is us anyway.

  10. I'm not sure I had any great ideas in mind when choosing this topic. I was brain storming. lol But yes, it is scary to think about missing the point of our life!

  11. @Delirious

    Yes, but I don't actually spend my days worrying about it per se. Instead, I try to figure it out one day at a time (in the phenomenal) and accept the movement and impulses of that which some call God and others describe differently on the non-phenomenal front.

  12. Interesting take on this.

    The immediate presumption is that the hidden point of it all was to do something epic. But what if Horatio, Alexander, Socrates, Gandhi, Martin Luther and Martin Luther King Junior are perched on a cloud somewhere kicking themselves that they got it all wrong, and should have been reclining eating figs or watching more daytime television?

  13. @blackwatertown

    Along those lines, it is interesting to speculate what would have happened had they done so. Stephen King made an interesting exploration of it with "11.22.63", and exploration of probably outcomes of saving Jack Kennedy (or not) from the assassination and its effect on the future. Likewise, Ursula LeGuin explored it in a different way with "The Lathe of Heavan." Gore Vidal on the other hand felt like history had a course that it would essentially fulfill in different ways if necessary as did Isaac Asimov.

    To me, you are probing some very interesting questions!


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