Friday, May 17, 2013


I've always been a bit hotheaded mixed with mostly pretty calm.  I was actually raised with the ideal of the "angry young man" and my generation marching against the Viet Nam war was a bit of an angry generation.  Angry today, flower children tomorrow.

My father, a believer in righteous anger when called for ("sometimes the tables of the moneychangers in the temple need to be overturned!") started counting the price differently after he began having heart trouble.  He began to see that a banquet of anger left your own skeleton on the plate.  Indeed, a very close friend of mine who has had an extremely difficult year told me just two days ago that it finally had come home to his gut that anger hurts the deliverer far more than the receiver.

So too yours truly is changing on this front.  Mine is a slightly different force leading to less anger in me although what is written above definitely comes into play.  No, the prime motivator for me is that I find I am highly invested in life's creative possibilties and in the sharing I can find with other people.  I simultaneously find myself far less enamored of the battle, finding it endless on our political front and leading to nothing but impotent frustration.  On the personal front, I have decided some will either find their way out of holes dug by themselve on more of their own initiative or remain unnecessarily mired.  Of so many of these things, I am following up on last week's topic.  I am, in a very natural and spontaneous way, letting go!

Maybe today I am simply in my flower child phase, but I think it runs deeper than that.  I really think a change is taking place in me in the best way possible.  The change seems to be of its own accord and that I find to be a very encouraging sign.  Change you hope for is never as substantial as change you accept.


  1. We are clearly on different paths as I am steadily becoming angrier every day it seems. I realize it has a destructive effect on me - my health already suffers because of it but the constant confrontations and battles are taking their tolls none the less. Patience left the building a year or so ago. There's really nothing left to do but face the battle every day.

    1. Don't laugh at me. I am no psychiatrist but in your case, based on what you have written on your LBC post, I would conclude that anger is your safety valve! Yes, it could well be. What needs to be found is an outlet for that anger. Like a boxer's punching bag or some such equivalent.

  2. To me anger is a natural human emotion, impossible not to feel when warranted. It's holding on to anger that causes the problem.

    Like you consort, I have learned to let go. blessings ~ maxi

  3. @shackman

    My situation is totally different from yours. To be honest, I don't even know how you are doing it.

  4. @Maxi

    It is natural and I agree about holding onto it being a problem. And the natural changes that take place in a person over time can be welcome ones.

  5. I tend to get most angry by injustices, or by rudeness of others. The rest I can usually ignore. :)

  6. @Delirious

    Agreed. Sometimes I get angry out of frustration, too.

  7. The "highly invested in life's creative possibilities and in the sharing I can find with other people" stage of life has not come on its own steam. When the spirit is willing but the flesh is not, such "maturity" is thrust on us. Take me, I rarely get angry because I can neither fight nor take flight!

  8. @Rummuser

    Perhaps you are right and it is a safety valve. It has felt that way at times. But, it is nowhere near a dominant theme or problem in my life. It just got more emphasis in this post because that was the theme - brought by me eons ago when I was thinking through themes in terms of primary emotions, LOL - and I tend to tunnel vision on each of our themes.

    I like your take on it, though.

  9. @Rummuser

    PS I am highly invested in the creative possibilities I am sharing with others right now and they occupy a great deal of my energy and focus. They are actually pulling me away from time with social media, to be honest, but I will be paying back to the LBC soon with a post letting the gang in on what I am doing. I think you will like it.


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