Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Ramana and Myself

Born Loser, The

We tried to tell Grannymar.


  1. Better gray (well - white) than gone I always say......

  2. A little "Butch Wax" would solve the problem.

  3. @Grannymar

    Yes, take that one little hair and give it all the care I can. Condition it, curl it.

    Wait! It fell out!

  4. @shackman

    You used to say that very thing when we would get together outside work! I have to agree with you. But, if it is gone, no need to cry over spilt hair.

  5. @mayo

    I used to use butch wax in high school when I had a flat top. Well, on formal occasions, at least, so my head would look like a perfect block! The old Frankenstein shape, neck bolt optional.

  6. Omg fossil, I well remember the day of the flat top. Never thought of Frankenstein till you mentioned it.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

  7. I have stopped sighing. I have started to show off my pate!

  8. @Maxi

    I had the flat flattop, no doubt about it. And the top of my head definitely looked like Frankie!

  9. @Rummuser

    I love my current hair do. I love to kid about it, but it is really pretty much ideal and I don't have any real need for hair any longer. Except in the cold and the fact I have to put sunscreen on top. Otherwise, all good!


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