Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving - and what I am personally thankful for

Stopping to consider the bounty of your life at the time of harvest is what Thanksgiving in America is all about.  For our family, it has become kind of a Fossil diaspora, with various Fossils in the Bay Area, Kansas, Napa and San Diego.

Usually, the Lady and I have Thanksgiving at our home and bring in her parents and brother and sister and any family they might have with them.  However, this past few months, all of our kids have been married and our daughter, whom I call Lafawnda on this blog, and her husband, Flash, are hosting our Thanksgiving in San Diego!  This gives them a chance to show us their new apartment:

Now we are getting down to the reality for me of what Thanksgiving always brings to my heart as a blessing: family itself!

It isn't always happy.  When I called my mother today, she had to give me the news that her brother had a massive stroke yesterday and that it doesn't look good.  When you embrace family, you embrace tragedy and loss right along with joy.

The Lady F called her mother in Napa, where she and the Lady F's siblings will have Thanksgiving dinner:

Meanwhile, Lafawnda and Flash used Skype to give holiday wishes to Flash's mom back in the Bay Area:

Then it was time for a nice walk before the sun went down and it was dinner time:

Yes, this is what I'm thankful for this day, people in my family to share life's journey.  What is blessing your day, regardless of where on this blue-green ball you live, whatever your traditions?


  1. Unfortunately we don't do 'Thanksgiving' in Ireland, people may well be thankful for their blessings, but celebrate them privately at whatever time of year that suits them.

    I was blessed this year to be included in a family Thanksgiving call from across the pond, but otherwise the day was as normal.

    I am glad you enjoyed your day even if it was tinged with sadness. My thoughts are with Corky.

    1. I'm with you, GM. Sad for Mom, but very grateful for the rest. Also, I don't know how well my uncle may or may not recover.

  2. Thank you for sharing, Fossil, you have a lovely family. My thoughts and prayers are with your mother and her brother.
    Blessings ~ Maxi

    1. Thanks for the caring, Maxi. I hope your day was happy and good!

  3. Sorry to hear your sad news.
    The appartment looks good.
    I've been invited to a thanksgiving evening tomorrow - by a couple - one English, one Canadian - but both lived for a long time in California. I wonder what will be on the menu.

  4. @blackwatertown

    If it is a traditional Thanksgiving, it will have Turkey, Stuffing (also called Dressing), potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, yams and then pumpkin pie for dessert. Green bean casserole also is a favorite.


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