Friday, September 28, 2012


Padmini, the light bringer for the LBC, has brought us the topic today and I apologize for being late to the party.  I will let you know in later posts what the delay was about and why I have posted so little lately.  Hint: it has to do with helping other people and the Lady Fossil and I are just fine.

All of us have accused others of and been accused of being two-faced at some time or another.  Oh, please!  We have many more than two at our ready use and I would argue that properly applied, that is a good thing.  It can actually mean we have more integrity and honesty, not less.

For example, as I age, my face is not the face of my youth.  Abraham Lincoln said, 'The face you have at 40 is the face you deserve.'  Of course, 40 was pretty old in Abe’s day and I’d add about 10 years or so at this point.  Or 20+ in my case, as today’s face reflects the experiences and my attitudes toward them.  I enjoy the changes as I gray and wrinkle, my face being written like a novel in development.

I also enjoy looking at that face in the morning while preparing for the day then letting it go out into the adventure, responding in ways only others can observe.  And I know it changes depending upon circumstance and the company I keep.

How do I know these things?  I’m just guessing … but it’s an educated guess based on all the other faces I get to observe in action.

Now, a lead-in to an approaching post: what are these faces saying?



  1. I grew up with the definition of Two-faced as: - deceptive or fraudulent; disposed to cheat or defraud or deceive.

    I prefer the Janus outlook, one face looking to the future while the other one looks back to respect the past.

  2. In a sense, theses faces are two faced also. On one side they are saying, "Wow this is a happy occasion." On the other they are saying, "You're (I'm) growing up and things will change!" :) I can see how there would be many happy feelings, but also hesitation about the changes.

  3. I don't have to see my face every morning to shave! But I am told that I am at my best in the mornings after a night's relatively less boisterous life. When I did remove my beard, I was told that I had a baby face - no not anything like Nelson but my original baby face!

    "Dad, stop being so cheerful. I won't go away fully."

    "Sweetheart, that is what you think!"

  4. Fos - I'm so proud I could bust

    LaFawnda - Please don't step on my toes!

  5. Is that Carly in the wedding dress? Already?
    Shouldn't you be looking sad?


  6. Never mind the face of your youth - there's also the face of your morning to cope with. Mirrors best avoided till the afternoon. And when I say you - I mean me.

  7. Many things can be said of me but two-faced I most certainly am not (see Grannymar's definition of how the word is understood here).

    That, at forty we have the face we deserve I agree with. Which might explain why I still don't have a double chin and probably never will.

    As to what that dance photo says ... Well, to be frank - I can keep thoughts to myself.


  8. Ditto Grannymar's definition. Face the future, reflect the past.

    Lovely photo, consort. A moment of nostalgia, little girl all grown up, moving on.

    Blessings to all ~ Maxi

  9. @Grannymar

    That is the same definition I grew up with! I just wanted to reflect that a little flexibility in what we present to different people is not always a sign of deceit or lack of integrity, it can also reflect empathy and understanding, a willingness to meet the person halfway.

  10. @Delirious

    Actually, you will find that they only seem to be saying that. The reality I think you will find to be more delightful.

  11. @Rummuser

    I look younger without my beard, but I am enjoying life too much to worry about looking younger.

  12. @shackman

    Perfect interpretation of what I presented you here. You didn't have a chance, because I am cheating, though.

  13. @Anonymous

    You'll see, bhb, you'll see ...

  14. @Ursula

    A double chin has virtually nothing to do with Abe Lincoln's comment, but I'm glad you appreciate your face. I really am.

  15. @Maxi

    I refer you to my response to shackman. I'm cheating in what I'm presenting here, but, within the bounds of my cheat, you did a great job!


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